Hurricane Warning Posted

7/25/20 1130 Hurricane-force winds are expected to hit Oahu within 36 hours.

Have supplies for your family to be off-grid for 14 days. Have Water, food, meds, sanitary supplies, and pet food for at least 14 days. If possible, have a contact on the mainland where family can call to update their status.

Store important papers, computers, and other small valuables in waterproof packaging.

Move deck chairs and any object that can fly in the high wind inside. Shelter in place if possible. If your home might be seriously damaged go to a friend or go to a hotel. Shelters will be super-spreaders for COVID-19. Shelters may not be opened and if the Red Cross opens any shelters they will be limited by the availability of shelter managers.

This is a major storm. We do not know how strong it will be when it reaches Oahu. Douglas is forecast to track just north of Oahu. That is bad news for Windward Oahu. Storm surge will raise the water level of Kaneohe Bay significantly. How much will depend on how strong the storm is. If you live below 20 foot elevation be prepared to deal with flooding.

We will provide current info here as we get it.

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