Koolaupoko Emergency Preparedness and Responce, Inc. (KEPAR) is a 501(C)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to helping local groups implement emergency preparedness projects that will make Koolaupoko (Windward Oahu) more resilient in responding to emergencies.

KEPAR is focused on three goals which we believe will have the greatest impact:

  1. encourage local groups who see an emergency preparedness need to bring their proposal to KEPAR.
  2. Establish an Emergency Response Team (ERT) in each neighborhood within Koolaupoko. 
  3. Help every business within Koolaupoko develop a Disaster Recovery Plan.
  4. Create a Community Outreach Program that will keep personal preparedness top of mind with the residents of Koolaupoko.

When KEPAR accepts a project proposal KEPAR will set up a committee whose responsibility will be to carry out the goals of that proposal. The group members will then join KEPAR and participate in the committee or committees they want to join.

Groups that want to work with KEPAR should submit their proposal including a description of the project objective, a breakdown of the steps necessary to carry out the project, the name of the project leader and the names of the crew members who have volunteered to carry out the project. The proposal should provide a line item budget which indicates what will be needed to complete the project.

By joining KEPAR the group will avoid having to create their own organization with all the administrative problems and costs of forming their independent non-profit corporation.

We appreciate your interest in helping Koolaupoko respond quickly and efficiently to our next big storm or other disasters.