COVID-19 Is Still A Danger

Wear a Mask
Stay SAFE – Social Distancing, Air Flow, Facemask, Expectorant

Please remember, we are not out of the woods yet. 

Today’s confirmed COVID-19 positive numbers have risen slightly. If we let our guard down to soon we can expect a surge.

Please be SAFE

S for social distancing

A for air flow. Your safest outdoors. small closed rooms with poor venation are most dangerous.

F for Face Masks. Wear them to protect others from your spray.

E for expectorate. Avoid people who spray the room with coughing, sneezing or even singing or loud talking.

Remember, Virus Density X Timer Exposed = Probability of infection. A trip to a store with a quick in and out is probably pretty safe. Working in that same store for an 8 hour shift could be pretty dangerous.

Be SAFE, just because Trump says it is safe to open up doesn’t mean it is. Stay informed and make your own decision as to when it is safe to relax your guard.  

Activities – Better Safe Than Sorry

Take your kids outside. Hiking and surfing may be the safest thing you can do. I go for a bike ride every afternoon. It is great to get out of the house and feel the wind in my face.

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Let’s hear your comments. When do you think it will be safe to send your kids to school? Are you socially distancing your meetings? When and how are you going to open your business? When will you go to the movies or a ball game?

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