Climate Ready O‘ahu

This project serves to bridge our collective learnings of climate change risks and opportunities between community plan updates; pursue prioritization and refinement of policies and actions into projects and decisions making; support coordinated City department infrastructure and functional planning to service communities; and connect to the next update of the City’s Hazard Mitigation Plan.ssessment that … Read more

Hurricane Douglas

200726 1900 Douglas is now north of Oahu on a westerly track. Kauai is still in danger. North Shore Oahu is getting pounded with heavy surf. Kaneohe had 20 MPH winds with higher gusts. Rainfall was limited to a few light showers. If Douglas had passed 40 miles more to the south Kaneohe would have … Read more

Hurricane Douglas

Noon Sunday, July 26 Calm before the storm. No wind, Sunny Weather Map above shows winds to be 85 mph by this evening. Expect roof an garage door damage. Damage from tree lim bs falling and flying objects. Do your best to seal your home. Wind getting inside can lift your roof. Secure anything … Read more

Hurricane Douglas

As of 1130 7/25/20 Source = the exact track of Douglas will determine how much of the island chain is impacted by either tropical storm or hurricane-force winds. Maui and Oahu are the most likely to experience at least tropical-storm-force winds, but all of the islands may see gusts to 40 mph

Hurricane Warning Posted

7/25/20 1130 Hurricane-force winds are expected to hit Oahu within 36 hours. Have supplies for your family to be off-grid for 14 days. Have Water, food, meds, sanitary supplies, and pet food for at least 14 days. If possible, have a contact on the mainland where family can call to update their status. Store important … Read more

COVID-19 Update

Department of Health Transitions to Online/Mail Requests for Vital Records Certificates and Appointment Only for Marriage Licenses As a precaution against COVID-19, beginning Monday, 3/23/20, DOH will transition to an online/mail procedure for vital records (birth, marriage, death, divorce certificates) requests.  To complete the online request process:  To obtain forms and instructions for mail-in requests: … Read more

Oahu “stay at home” order

By HNN Staff | March 22, 2020 at 2:01 PM HST – Updated March 22 at 11:12 PM HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell issued an emergency “stay at home” order Sunday for Oahu, saying only employees who deliver essential services — from health care to banking to groceries, gas and car repair … Read more

Disinfecting vegetables

7 Tips for Cleaning Fruits, Vegetables Federal health officials estimate that nearly 48 million people are sickened by food contaminated with harmful germs each year, and some of the causes might surprise you. Although most people know animal products must be handled carefully to prevent illness, produce, too, can be the culprit in outbreaks of … Read more