Simple COVID-19 advice

Advice from the Department of Defence

Wear a Mask

Borrowing this list of safety considerations for COVID-19 from our US DOD partners. Some good advice, please keep it in mind as you go through your day.

1. Every person is accountable to do their part to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

2. Before you decide against wearing your mask around friends or at large gatherings, before going to a party or a place where the risks may be higher than normal for infection, please stop to reflect. Think about the potential consequences of your decision.
o Potentially becoming infected and then passing the virus to your family, friends, or colleagues

o People you infected possibly infecting their family, friends, and co- workers.
o Know that anyone infected could become deathly ill.
3. To slow the spread of the virus and begin to resume normal activity, please think through your daily actions and follow these simple guidelines:
o Always wear your mask in public.
o Keep gatherings to 10 people or less and remember to socially distance at least 6 ft apart from one another.
o Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.
o Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
o If you’re feeling ill, stay away from others and seek medical

What it doesn’t say is know what is happening in your area and adust your behavior appropriately. According to Hawaii is critically in danger of a COVID-19 outbreak. Hawaii is dangerously short of COVID-19 trackers.

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