KEPAR is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. Your contributions to KEPAR are tax deductible.

KEPAR  will act as the funding organization for projects that will make Koolaupoko more resilient in responding to and recovering from a major storm or other disaster.

A group can apply to KEPAR for a funding grant. The project can be administered in one of two ways:

When KEPAR receives funding for a community project KEPAR buy the necessary equipment the project needs and loan that equipment to the group that proposed the project.

Alternatively, KEPAR can give a grant to the group proposing the project. KEPAR at that point KEPAR has no control over how the money will be spent. However, if the project is not completed KEPAR could red flag that group and not provide any future funding.

Any application for funding should include:

  • A description of the project
  • Any explanation of what the project will accomplish and why it is important.
  • Who will lead the project
  • Who will help complete the project
  • and a line item budget that will define the project cost.

The KEPAR board will evaluate the project and on approval will start working with the proposing group to secure funding for the project. The project leader and the project team will be responsible for funding the project. KEPAR will help secure funding within the capability of the KEPAR organization. KEPAR in collaboration will establish project milestones and will expect reports from the group carrying out the project as each milestone is reached.

[Link to application form]