Hurricane Iniki
Hurricane Iniki

Welcome to Koolaupoko Emergency Preparedness and Response. We are here to help Windward Oahu become as prepared and resilient as possible in response to our next big storm.

Know that the Government will not help you for at least a week and probably longer. You need to be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for at least two weeks. A prudent person will be prepared for at least two months. Be prepared to take care of yourself first, then your family and finally help your neighbors if you can.

Your preparedness must start with knowing what to do. The County offers training designed to help you prepare and respond within your neighborhood. The State has a program designed to help communities plan their response. The Red Cross has some excellent training as does the National Disaster Preparedness Center at UH Manoa.

There are three aspects to Preparedness

Personal Preparedness       Food, Water, Medicine and camping gear for a minimum of two weeks. Don’t forget to provide for your pets.

Financial Preparedness Remember, Banks cannot function without electricity. Have enough cash in small bills to last till the electricity comes back.

Environmental Preparedness  Clean water, sanitary supplies, and a way to manage human waste. Having a sanitary camp may save your life.